To produce a specialised herbal leaf crop and its derived products in a sustainable manner to the total satisfaction of our worldwide valued customers.

To become the world’s largest producer of certified organic Lemon Myrtle products.

To promote the conservation and development of biodiversity within our group of plantations.

To value our human resources and to continue striving to provide a conducive and safe environment at the work place.

To produce Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) planting material with proven yield potential.

To adopt proven and sustainable agricultural practices that is environmentally compatible.

The Rainforest of The World

The Rainforest

A natural rainforest emits and absorbs vast quantities of carbon dioxide. On a global scale, they may have other climatic effects (on cloud formation, for example, by recycling water vapour).No rainforest today can be considered to be undisturbed.

Many foods originally came from tropical forests, and are still mostly grown on plantations in regions that were formerly primary forest. Also, plant derived medicines are commonly used for fever, fungal infections, burns, gastrointestinal problems, pain, respiratory problems, and wound treatment.

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